Internet Explorer 9 Deployment Guide

The Windows® Internet Explorer® 9 Deployment Guide documents the options and processes involved in deploying Internet Explorer 9 to users’ computers. This web browser can be deployed to computers that are running 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows Vista® with Service Pack 2 (SP2), Windows® 7, or Windows Server® 2008 with SP2. It can also be deployed to computers running Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit in a network environment.

The Internet Explorer 9 Deployment Guide briefly describes using the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 9 (IEAK 9) to create an installer package for deployment. For complete documentation about the IEAK 9, refer to the IEAK 9 Help.

This guide should be used during the planning phase of your Internet Explorer 9 deployment project. The information provides key points of guidance for a deployment project. It is not intended as a step-by-step guide, and not all of the steps described in this guide are necessary for deploying Internet Explorer 9 in every environment.

Some organizations will find that the IEAK 9 covers their needs to customize and configure Internet Explorer 9. Larger organizations that are using software distribution systems, such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, or Windows Server Update Services, may want to distribute the Internet Explorer 9 Setup file to users’ computers, and then use Group Policy to control the configuration of the browser after deployment of Internet Explorer 9 is complete.

How to deploy Internet Explorer 9

The process of deploying Internet Explorer 9 to your organization's users' computers is organized in this deployment guide as follows:

Step Topic

Explore: Learn about Internet Explorer 9.

Exploring Internet Explorer 9

Plan: Make plans for your deployment.

Preparing for Deployment

Deploy: Deploying Internet Explorer 9.

Deploying Internet Explorer 9

Manage: Maintain Internet Explorer 9 in your environment.

Maintaining and Supporting Internet Explorer 9

  • Managing Browser Settings provides an overview of configuration features that make it possible to change many default browser settings globally—without having to change each user's computer.

  • Group Policy describes how to manage Internet Explorer 9, and administer system policies and restrictions in your Active Directory environment.

  • Keeping Internet Explorer Updated reviews system management, automatic update, and other tools to deploy updated versions of Internet Explorer 9 to your users' computers.

  • Troubleshooting helps you troubleshoot your Internet Explorer 9 installation and browser features in your corporate environment.