Deployment Methods

Select your deployment method

Internet Explorer 9 can be deployed using the following methods:

  • Windows Update

  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007

  • Windows Intune

  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

  • Offline servicing

  • Network shared folder

  • CD

  • Link from email or webpage

  • Active Directory┬« using Group Policy (using an .msi installer)

The method you select for your organization's deployment will depend on your existing infrastructure, security requirements, and user location. Internet Explorer 9 is distributed by Microsoft through Windows Update, and it is configured to update users' computers automatically. Automatic update requires the users' approval to complete the update. This makes Internet Explorer 9 available to all users who can connect to the Internet. For enterprises that want to deploy Internet Explorer 9 as a part of ongoing deployment plans, administrators can prevent individual users from downloading Internet Explorer 9 by using the Internet Explorer 9 Blocker Toolkit. For more information on the Blocker Toolkit, see the Blocker Toolkit Frequently Asked Questions.

To use Windows Update to distribute Internet Explorer 9 in a managed environment, you can publish Internet Explorer 9 as an approved update through WSUS. Internet Explorer 9 will be available on WSUS after the first group of languages is released. For more information on Internet Explorer 9 versions, see Installing Internet Explorer 9.

Administrators can also slipstream Internet Explorer 9 into an existing Windows image using the WAIK.

Deploying Internet Explorer 9 through Windows Update, WSUS, a shared folder, a CD, or a link all require user intervention to configure the installation. Deploying Internet Explorer 9 through System Center Configuration Manager, MDT, or Group Policy can be done silently, without user intervention.

For more information about these deployment methods, see Using Software Distribution Tools to Install Internet Explorer 9.