Steps for Adding Workstation Nodes to a Windows HPC Cluster


Applies To: Microsoft HPC Pack 2012, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 R2

The following checklist describes the overall process for adding workstation nodes to a Windows HPC cluster. Each task in the checklist is linked to the section in this document that describes the steps to perform the task.



Step 1: Create a Workstation Node Template

In HPC Cluster Manager, create a workstation node template that can be used to add workstation nodes to your cluster, and which also specifies how and when workstation nodes will be available for running cluster jobs.

Step 2: Install HPC Pack on the Workstation Computers

Install HPC Pack on the computers that you want to add to your HPC cluster as workstation nodes.

Step 3: Assign a Workstation Node Template

Assign a workstation node template to add workstation nodes to your HPC cluster.