Validate your Environment Before Deploying Nodes


Applies To: Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 R2, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 R2

If you will be deploying nodes from bare metal, it is recommended that you run a set of diagnostic tests that can help you find common problems that can affect node deployment.


If your HPC cluster is configured in topology 5 (all nodes only on an enterprise network), the option to validate your environment by running a set of diagnostic tests that is described in the following procedure is not enabled in the Deployment To-do List. You can still run these tests from Diagnostics, as explained in Additional considerations.

To validate your environment before deploying nodes

  1. In the Deployment To-do List, under Optional deployment tasks, click Validate your environment before deploying nodes. The Connect to diagnostic service dialog box opens.

  2. Type the domain credentials that you want to use for running diagnostic tests, and then click OK.


    The domain credentials that you specify for running diagnostic tests must be for a user that has already been added to the cluster as an HPC cluster administrator. For more information, see Managing Cluster Users.

    The domain credentials that you specify for running diagnostic tests will be automatically stored. At any time, you can clear the diagnostic test credentials that have been stored. For more information, see Clear the Diagnostic Test Credentials.

The diagnostic tests will start running and the current view will automatically pivot to Diagnostics, where you can review test progress and results.

Additional considerations

  • You can also run the same set of diagnostic tests, or a subset of them, from Diagnostics. The tests are under System, grouped as Deployment Environment Validator. Also, all the test names in this set start with Deployment: so they can be readily identified in the general list of tests.

  • For information about using HPC Cluster Manager, see Overview of HPC Cluster Manager.

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