Step 1: Install Windows Server on Multiple Servers


Applies To: Microsoft HPC Pack 2012, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 R2

To begin deploying HPC Pack in a failover cluster, install an operating system that meets the relevant requirements (listed in Requirements for HPC Pack in Failover Clusters) on the following servers:

  • Two servers (or more, for certain versions of HPC Pack) for the failover cluster that will run head node services.

  • One server to run a standalone instance of SQL Server, or multiple servers to run a SQL Server failover cluster. This instance of SQL Server supports the head node.

  • If your planned configuration includes WCF broker nodes, two or more servers for the failover cluster or clusters that will run those nodes.


We strongly recommend that you perform a clean installation of Windows Server and then join each server to the domain before installing HPC Pack. For installation options and procedures, see the documentation for your version of Windows Server.

Additional considerations

  • Before continuing, verify that the network interfaces on the servers are recognized, have the necessary drivers, and have been assigned the appropriate IP addresses. Additionally, check the advanced settings of the network connections to verify that the binding order of the network adapters on the two servers that will run head node services is the same, and that the first network adapter on each server connects to the public (enterprise) network.


    If the binding order of the network adapters on the servers in the failover cluster is not configured properly and identically, deployment of HPC Pack in a failover cluster could fail.

  • As a best practice, do not install additional server roles on the servers.

Additional references

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