Use Automatic Caching To Make Files Available Offline

The Windows 2000 Development Team

September 22, 1999

When configuring shared folders on Windows 2000 Server, you can ensure that the shared files are available for users even when they are disconnected from the network.

On computers running Windows 2000, caching is allowed and, by default, configured for Manual Caching for Documents for shared folders. This allows users to manually specify any files they want available when working offline.

To ensure that files a user opens or creates are automatically downloaded and made available offline, change the Caching setting for the shared folder to Automatic Caching for Documents. If you want the files in a shared folder to be downloaded automatically, but also want to prevent changes the user makes offline from being synchronized, use the Automatic Caching for Programs setting instead.

To change the Caching Settings for a shared folder:

  • Right-click the shared folder. On the Sharing tab, click Caching.

  • In the Caching Settings dialog box, click the down arrow next to the Setting box.

  • In the list, click the caching setting you want.

  • Click OK to return to the Properties dialog box for the folder, then click OK to apply your changes.