Task Manager, Create a Shortcut to

Jacob van der Meulen

DeTrain WebDesign, North Holland, Netherlands

February 2, 2000

Wouldn't it be handy to have a shortcut on your desktop (or in your Quick Launch bar) which points directly to the cool new Windows 2000 Task Manager?

Here's how:

Right-click anywhere on your desktop, and point to New, then click Shortcut. In the wizard that appears, type taskmgr.exe. Click Next, and type the name you want for this shortcut. Click Finish, and you're done!

Bonus tip: If you want to have the Task Manager running minimized, but you don't want to have it on the taskbar, you can choose to keep it running in the system tray.

To do this, start Task Manager, click Options, and click on Hide when minimized to turn this feature on. Now you can minimize Task Manager without it being in your way, and you'll always see your CPU usage in the system tray!