Use Export List with Administrative Tools

By James Sun, American Technology Services, Inc., Falls Church, Virginia

The Export List command on all the major Administrative Tools that use Microsoft Management Console windows—for example, Internet Services Manager, Computer Management, and Event Viewer—is a tremendous timesaver.

How many times have you needed to generate a list of users in a particular group for a status report, or needed to export a list of events displayed on the screen to a spreadsheet?

By using the Export List command, you can create a comma-delimited, tab-delimited, plain, or Unicode text list of items displayed on the right list-view pane in the Microsoft Management Console.

I use this tip constantly on Windows 2000 Server. Haven't tried it on Windows 2000 Professional, but I assume it works. *(*Editor's note Sure does.)

Another great feature is the ability to customize the columns that are displayed in the list-view pane by using the Choose Columns command.