Tools for Monitoring Network Performance

Windows 2000 provides two primary utilities for monitoring network performance: System Monitor and Network Monitor. System Monitor, installed with both Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server, tracks resource utilization and network throughput. Network Monitor, which you can install on Windows 2000 Server, tracks network throughput in terms of captured network traffic. Network Monitor monitors only local traffic. For monitoring traffic sent to or from any computer on the network, or for remotely capturing frames (for example, over a dial-up network connection) from other computers on the network, upgrade to the version of Network Monitor that ships with Microsoft® Systems Management Server version 2.0, Service Pack 1 or later. To monitor these types of traffic, the system from which you capture must have the Network Monitor driver installed (computers running Windows NT 4.0 must have the Network Monitor Agent version 2.0 installed). There is no support for the Network Monitor driver on Windows 95 or Windows 98.

Use the following tools to examine network traffic and system resource utilization. For information about using System Monitor, see "Overview of Performance Monitoring" in this book.

By default, only an administrator has sufficient privileges to install the Network Monitor driver on a computer to be monitored, to install Network Monitor on the computer used for monitoring, or to start Network Monitor.