Introduction to Configuration and Management

Windows 2000 Professional provides better tools for managing and configuring workstations. All of the new configuration and management tools are listed here. In this chapter, you'll find details about general management tools and how to use features such as Group Policy. For details about new features in a specific area, such as hardware management, printing, or fonts, see other chapters in this book.

Add/Remove Programs

The new user interface and wizard make it easy to install programs, get detailed information about program usage, and remove program elements from the hard disk.

Administrative Tools

Administrative Tools, which are available through Control Panel, is the central repository for tools such as Computer Management, Event Viewer, Local Security, and Services.

Color Management System

Image Color Management (ICM) 2.0 ensures that colors are retained between the input and output devices (such as monitors, printers, and platforms) that support ICM 2.0.


Support for OpenType fonts combines TrueType and Type 1 fonts in a unified registry. OpenType fonts are secured by using public key signatures, which ensures that fonts are authentic and are not corrupted.

Hardware Tab and Troubleshoot Option in Properties Pages

A separate Hardware tab is provided in the properties pages for Sounds and Multimedia , Mouse , Display , and Fax . The new Troubleshoot option on this tab helps you detect problems with these devices.

Hardware Wizard

You can use the new hardware wizard to add, troubleshoot, uninstall, and unplug devices.

Multilanguage Support

This feature provides the ability to read and write documents in more than one language.

Network And Dial-Up Connections Icon

The Network Connection wizard, Network Protocol, and Network Adapter configurations are now under Network and Dial-up Connections in Control Panel.

Phone And Modem Options

You can use PhoneandModemOptions in Control Panel to configure TAPI devices and reconfigure installed modems. Only members of the Administrators group can make changes to these configuration settings.

Power Options Icon

You can use Power Options in Control Panel to reduce the power consumption of individual devices or of the entire system. You can either choose a power scheme (collection of settings that manages the power usage of the computer) that is provided with Windows 2000 or create your own power scheme.


You can use the new Add Printer wizard for easy installation.

Scanners and Cameras

This new option in Control Panel manages scanners and digital camera devices.

Scheduled Tasks Icon

You can use the new Maintenance wizard to schedule tasks.

System Icon in Control Panel

The System Properties page now includes a Network Identification tab, Hardware tab, User Profiles tab, and Advanced tab. The Advanced tab allows you to configure performance options, environment variables, and startup and recovery settings.

Users and Passwords

Going to Users and Passwords in Control Panel is the fastest, easiest way to set up user accounts, assign permissions, and configure logon options.