Managing Files, Folders, and Search Methods

When you use Windows 2000 Professional on a Windows 2000 Server Active Directory network, two new features are available: IntelliMirror and Active Directory.

With IntelliMirror, users' documents can be stored, or mirrored, on a centrally managed server. This feature allows users to log on to any computer in the network and obtain access to their documents and files from that computer.

Active Directory allows users to search for network resources by specifying attributes of the object they need, such as a printer capable of printing in color.

For more information about Active Directory and IntelliMirror, see the Distributed Systems Guide and the Deployment Planning Guide .

This chapter describes Group Policy objects that affect working with files, folders, and search methods. Group Policy can be set on the local computer, but it is recommended that Group Policy be administered centrally using a Windows 2000 Server network. For more information about Group Policy, see Group Policy in the Distributed Systems Guide .