Remove Documents menu from Start Menu

User Configuration\AdministrativeTemplates\Start Menu & Taskbar


Removes the Documents menu from the Start menu.

The Documents menu contains links to the non-program files that users have most recently opened. It appears so that users can easily reopen the documents.

You can use this policy, in coordination with the Do not keep history of recently opened documents and Clear history of recently opened documents on exit policies in this folder, to manage access to recently opened files.

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This policy does not prevent Windows 2000 programs from displaying shortcuts to recently opened documents. See the Do not keep history of recently opened documents policy.

This policy does not hide document shortcuts displayed in the Open dialog box. See the Hide the dropdown list of recent files policy.

While this policy is in effect, the system saves document shortcuts, but does not display them in the Documents menu. If you enable this policy, and then later disable it or set it to Not configured , the document shortcuts saved before the policy was enabled and while it was in effect appear in the Documents menu.

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