Starting Internet Explorer by Using Command-Line Parameters


You can customize how Internet Explorer is run without customizing the browsing program. If you run Internet Explorer with a command-line prompt and parameters, you can customize the way Internet Explorer starts or appears during the browsing session. To do this, you would not need to customize the program by using the IEAK.

You can either type the syntax into a command-line prompt, or use a script to perform this process. If you need to always run Internet Explorer in a specific way, then you may want to explore the customization features that are available with the IEAK. The command-line syntax can be helpful, however, if you need to run Internet Explorer in a certain way for a specific session, or if you use the parameters in connection with a script.

For a list of the command-line parameters for starting Internet Explorer, see Appendix C , "Batch-Mode File Syntax and Command-Line Switches."