Keeping Programs Updated


This chapter describes the three primary tools you can use to keep Internet Explorer programs and settings updated:

  • IEAK Profile Manager - Use the IEAK Profile Manager to create and modify auto-configuration files, which are used to update the browser configurations on users' computers.

  • Update notification page - Set the update notification page to notify users automatically about new versions of Internet Explorer. You can customize or disable this page.

  • Software distribution channels - Use software distribution channels to provide future software updates over the Internet or intranet to channel subscribers.

In This Chapter

IEAK Profile Manager

Update Notification Page

Software Distribution Channels

See Also

  • For more information about Internet Explorer Customization wizard settings, see Chapter 15 , "Running the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard."

  • For more information about system policies and restrictions, see Appendix E , "Setting System Policies and Restrictions."