"Certified for Microsoft Windows" Applications

Although Microsoft® Windows® 2000 can work with your existing applications, there are several distinct advantages when you use "Certified for Microsoft Windows" applications. Applications that display the "Certified for Microsoft Windows" logo are designed and independently tested to take advantage of Windows 2000 technologies and features, such as Windows Installer, IntelliMirror ™ management technologies, and Active DirectorySUP>™ which is the directory service included with Windows 2000. Figure F.1 shows the "Certified for Microsoft Windows" logo.


Figure F.1   "Certified for Microsoft Windows" logo

The "Certified for Microsoft Windows" logo identifies software products that have been designed and tested to meet the application specification for Windows 2000. The Application Specification for Windows 2000 was developed by Microsoft in cooperation with customers and third-party programmers to provide clear, concise guidelines to help programmers create reliable and manageable applications. The application specification for Windows 2000 has two versions: a core specification for desktop applications, and a specification for distributed applications. When you are choosing new applications or designing in-house applications, keep these features in mind.