Disable Logoff on the Start Menu

User Configuration\AdministrativeTemplates\Start Menu & Taskbar


Removes the Log Off <username> item from the Start menu and prevents users from restoring it.

If you enable this policy, the Log Off <username> item does not appear in the Start menu. This policy also removes the Display Logoff item from Start Menu Options . As a result, users cannot restore the Log Off <username> item to the Start menu.

If you disable this policy or do not configure it, users can use the Display Logoff item to add and remove the Log Off <username> item.

Note Image Note

This policy affects the Start menu only. It does not affect the Log Off item on the Windows Security dialog box that appears when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL, and it does not prevent users from using other methods to log off.

The Disable Logoff on the Start Menu policy takes precedence over the Add Logoff to the Start Menu policy. When both policies are enabled, the Log Off <username> option is removed.

Tip-icon Tip

To add or remove the Log Off <username> item on a computer, click Start , click Settings , click Taskbar & Start Menu , click the Start Menu Options tab and, in the Start Menu Settings box, click Display Logoff .

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