Do not use the tracking-based method when resolving shell shortcuts

User Configuration\AdministrativeTemplates\Start Menu & Taskbar


Prevents the system from using NTFS tracking features to resolve a shortcut.

By default, when the system cannot find the target file for a shortcut (.lnk), it searches all paths associated with the shortcut. If the target file is located on an NTFS partition, the system then uses the target's file ID to find a path. If the resulting path is not correct, it conducts a comprehensive search of the target drive in an attempt to find the file.

If you enable this policy, the system does not try to locate the file by using its file ID. It skips this step and begins a comprehensive search of the drive specified in the target path.

note-icon Note

This policy only applies to target files on NTFS partitions. FAT partitions do not have this ID tracking and search capability.

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