Password protect the screen saver

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Display


Determines whether screen savers used on the computer are password protected.

If you enable this policy, all screen savers are password protected. If you disable this policy, password protection cannot be set on any screen saver.

This policy also disables the Password protected check box on the Screen Saver tab in Display in Control Panel, preventing users from changing the password protection setting.

If you do not configure this policy, users can choose whether or not to set password protection on each screen saver.

Note Image Note

This policy is used only when a screen saver is specified for the computer.

Tip-icon Tip

To specify a screen saver on a computer, in Control Panel, double-click Display , and then click the Screen Saver tab. To specify a screen saver in a policy, use the Screen saver executable name policy.

To remove the Screen Saver tab, use the Hide Screen Saver tab policy.

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