Data type


Default value


60–3,600 ( seconds )

300 ( 5 minutes )


Defines how long a primary domain controller (PDC) waits for a backup domain controller (BDC) to complete each step in the replication process. If the value of this entry is exceeded, the PDC regards the BDC as unresponsive and can send a pulse to another BDC in the domain.

This entry applies only to PDCs, and it is used only if a BDC cannot retrieve all the changes to the Security Accounts Manager or Local Security Authority databases in a single remote procedure call (RPC).

To be considered responsive, the BDC must respond to a pulse and must continue reporting its progress on the replication. If the interval between progress reports exceeds the value of this entry, the BDC is considered to be unresponsive. An unresponsive BDC is not counted against the limit specified by the PulseConcurrency entry, allowing the PDC to send a pulse to another BDC in the domain.

If the value of this entry is set too high, a slow BDC, or one whose replication rate is too slow, consumes one of the PulseConcurrency slots. But if the value of this entry is too low, the PDC's workload increases because of the large number of BDCs doing a partial replication.

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In Windows 2000, the Net Logon service manages replication only if the replication involves servers running Windows NT 4.0 or earlier. Net Logon for Windows 2000 does not manage replication between two servers running Windows 2000.

Windows 2000 does not add this entry to the registry. You can add it by editing the registry or by using a program that edits the registry.

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