HKCU\Control Panel\Colors

Data type


Default value


RGB values

RGB value


Represents a color and stores entries that apply only to that color.

Change method

To change the colors of the elements of the Windows 2000 desktop, double-click Display in Control Panel, and then click the Appearance tab in the Display Properties dialog box.

Activation method

Changes made using the Properties box are effective immediately; changes made using the registry are not effective until the computer has been restarted.

Note Image Note

The element-name entry is a variable representing the entries under the HKCU\Control Panel\Colors subkey. It does not actually appear in the registry. This variable entry displays information that is common to the entries in the Colors subkey.

The entries in the Colors subkey contain values that determine the color of each element of the Windows 2000 desktop. The values are shown as a series of three numbers, which refer to the RGB (red-green-blue) value of the color.