Windows 2000 Stand-Alone Servers

Windows 2000 stand-alone servers can be used in very small networks with no domains. All the users need to be defined in the local accounts database of a stand-alone server.

The following authentication features are available for granting remote access permissions to an IAS server on a Windows 2000 stand-alone server:

  • Dial-in User Account Properties

    • Remote Access Permission (includes Allow access, Deny access, and Control access through Remote Access Policy)

    • Caller-ID

    • Callback Options

    • Static IP Address

    • Static Routes

Support for UPNs, Universal Groups, and EAP-TLS is not available in IAS running on a stand-alone Windows 2000 server.

User account dial-in properties can be administered through the Network and Dial-Up Connections folder or through Local Users and Groups.