Windows 2000 installs and configures printers in a several ways.

Support for Plug and Play printer devices makes it easier than ever to install printers that are attached directly to your computer. Simply attach the printer to the computer, and Windows 2000 automatically starts the Add Printer wizard. When installing printers over a network, Active Directory makes it easier to locate printers based on a range of criteria, such as the printer location or the printers color and resolution capabilities.

Installation using Point and Print automatically downloads all required printer drivers, making installing a printer as easy as opening the print servers print queue by using My Network Places or Windows Explorer. After a print server is configured to support printers and to provide drivers to clients, users do not need to know which driver is required for the printer, or how to install the required drivers; Windows 2000 takes care of these issues for them.

If your printer and printer drivers support bidirectional communication, the device can actively report errors. If the printer is jammed or out of paper, Windows 2000 lets you know.