Printing is easier to use in Microsoft Windows 2000 and produces more consistent, higher quality results. Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional provides several ways to install, configure, and manage printers, each way designed to make the process more intuitive and efficient. Printing now also includes improved ways to send print jobs, including over the Internet or by using new port monitors. Most of the improvements to the Windows 2000 printing system are not obvious in the user interface, but these improvements are seen in improved performance, compatibility, and the use of automated wizards.

In This Chapter

Quick Guide to Printing

Whats New

Finding Printers

Installing Printers

Configuring Printers

Creating and Sending Print Jobs

Monitoring and Managing Print Jobs

Printer Pooling

Printing Concepts

Troubleshooting Printing Problems

  • For more information about setting permissions, see Security in this book. Permissions regulate printer access.

  • For more information about determining a printers location, see TCP/IP in Windows 2000 Professional in this book.

  • For more information about Plug and Play technology, see Device Management in this book.

  • For more information about Integrated Color Management, see Scanners and Cameras in this book.