Overview of Performance Monitoring

The Windows 2000 Resource Kit companion CD contains other performance-related tools, such as the following:

  • Ctrlist.exe. This prints counter descriptions to a file or to the screen.

  • Extctrlst.exe. This lists all counter DLLs that are running and provides the capability of disabling them. For more information about disabling counters, see Troubleshooting Problems with Performance Tools later in this chapter.

  • Perfmtr.exe. This command-line tool is useful for dynamically monitoring performance statistics relating to memory, processor, and I/O activity.

  • Showperf.exe. This program is useful for developers who want to see the counter type, index, and the contents of the Performance Data block so they can view and debug the counter's raw data structure.

  • Typeperf.exe. This is a command-line tool for displaying performance information from individual performance counters.

For information about the tools listed, see the Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools Help. Programs used in specific bottleneck analysis contexts are described in the chapters to which they apply.