Analyzing Processor Activity

A busy processor might efficiently handle all the work on your computer, or it might be overwhelmed. Examine processor activity to tell the difference. Use performance counters and Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools to measure processing activity and to determine how to improve performance if necessary.

In This Chapter

Quick Guide to Monitoring Processors

Overview of Processor Monitoring and Analysis

Establishing a Baseline for Processor Performance

Recognizing a Processor Bottleneck

Processes in a Bottleneck

Threads in a Bottleneck

Advanced Topic: Changing Thread Priority to Improve Performance

Eliminating a Processor Bottleneck

  • For more information about using System Monitor graphs and counter logs, see Overview of Performance Monitoring in this book.

  • For more information about implementing and optimizing multiprocessor systems, see Measuring Multiprocessor System Activity in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit Server Operations Guide .