Using Reconcile to Salvage Scopes

Before using the Reconcile feature to fully recover DHCP scope client information from the registry, the server computer needs the following:

  • All DHCP server registry keys must be either restored or exist and remain intact from previous service operation on the server computer.

  • A fresh version of the DHCP server database file must be regenerated in the % SystemRoot %\System32\Dhcp folder on the server computer.

When the registry and database meet these criteria, you can restart the DHCP service. At this point, you might notice that, upon opening the DHCP console, scope information is present but there are no active leases displayed. To regain your active leases for each scope, you use the Reconcile feature to recover each scope. Use the following steps for Windows 2000 Server to perform reconciliation and recovery of scope data.

  1. In DHCP Manager, click a scope to select and expand it.

  2. Click the Active Leases folder.

  3. Right-click and select Task , and then click Reconcile .

  4. When the Reconciling Database dialog window appears, click OK .

This process can be repeated for each scope to add client lease and reservation information from the registry back into the list of active leases for each scope previously configured for the DHCP server.

After using the Reconcile feature, you might notice that, when viewing properties for individual clients shown in the list of active leases, client information is displayed incorrectly. This information is corrected and updated in DHCP Manager as scope clients renew their leases.

If your DHCP server is running under Windows NT Server 4.0, Service Pack 2 or later, enable address conflict detection after using this recovery method. This is recommended since the backup may have been performed on an older database or from a slightly out-of-date system registry. For more information about when to use and how to enable conflict detection, see the "Server Conflict Detection" section in this chapter, and the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Although the Reconcile feature can be used to recover scope information in the event of disaster recovery for a DHCP server, it is not intended as a replacement for other traditional backup measures. Implement other methods (such as backing up to a tape drive) to provide further safe offline storage and duplicate archives of your DHCP database.