Registry Settings

The SNMP service converts the information in the registry into a format that can be used by third - party SNMP network management programs. Whenever possible, use the Windows 2000 SNMP service user interface to alter service settings. When changes are made to SNMP service properties through the user interface, the corresponding SNMP registry settings are modified, with the exception of the following registry setting, which defines the list of extension agents (subagents) that are configured:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SNMP\Parameters\ ExtensionAgents

The SNMP service detects any registry changes while running. SNMP parameter changes are activated without the need to restart the SNMP service.



Do not use a registry editor to edit the registry directly unless you have no alternative. The registry editors bypass the standard safeguards provided by administrative tools. These safeguards prevent you from entering conflicting settings or settings that are likely to degrade performance or damage your system. Editing the registry directly can have serious, unexpected consequences that can prevent the system from starting and require that you reinstall Windows 2000. To configure or customize Windows 2000, use the programs in Control Panel or Microsoft Management Console (MMC) whenever possible.