Determining Domain Migration Strategies

Migrating successfully from Microsoft® Windows NT® 3.51 and Microsoft® Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft® Windows® 2000 requires careful analysis of your current system and in-depth planning. Network engineers involved in the logical design of the upgrade process need to become familiar with the recommended configurations and procedures described in this chapter. Although these recommendations also work for smaller organizations, the emphasis in this chapter is on organizations with at least 2,500 personal computers.

Because the focus of this chapter is on planning for domain upgrade and restructure, and planning your Microsoft® Active Directory™ directory service namespace through an upgrade of Windows NT domains, most of your Active Directory namespace planning needs to be already completed. In addition, as a prerequisite to this chapter, you need to be familiar with the following: the features that can be deployed in Windows 2000, the deployment objectives of your organization, the current domain model of your organization, and the inventory of hardware and software in your current network configuration.

In This Chapter

Starting the Migration Planning Process

Planning Domain Upgrade

Planning Domain Restructure

Domain Migration Tools

Migration Planning Task List

Chapter Goals

  • This chapter will help you develop the following planning documents:

  • Migration Project Roadmap

  • Revised Active Directory Namespace Planning Document

  • Domain Migration Plan