Preparing an Application Test Plan

One of the primary tasks in preparing for testing is to write a test plan. In the test plan, you specify the scope and objectives for the testing and describe the methodology to be used. Include the following information in your plan:

  • Scope
    The priority levels you address during testing.

  • Methodology
    Who does the testing and how you involve participants.

  • Requirements
    What hardware, software, personnel, training, and tools you need to perform the testing.

  • Criteria for pass-fail
    The factors that determine whether an application passes or fails.

  • Schedule
    How you plan to complete the testing by the scheduled rollout.

Depending on the number of applications and your test approach, application testing might require considerable cooperation from various business units in your organization. Identify the application stakeholders early in the project and ask them to review and approve your test plan or to commit their resources to an agreed-upon level.

For more information about writing a test plan, see the chapter "Building a Windows 2000 Test Lab" in this book.