Testing Applications for Compatibility with Windows 2000

When you are planning to deploy a new operating system, the magnitude of the effort can make it tempting to defer thinking about the applications that run on it. Critical steps in your deployment project, however, are to identify applications that could cause problems during deployment and resolve the issues before deployment begins.

To ensure that potential application problems are resolved before deployment, your applications testing manager should begin early to develop a plan for testing your Windows-based applications. This chapter leads you through the process of testing your applications for compatibility with Microsoft® Windows® 2000.

In This Chapter

Application Testing Overview

Managing Application Testing

Identifying and Prioritizing Business Applications

Preparing an Application Test Plan

Testing Applications

Tracking Test Results

Resolving Application Incompatibilities

Planning Task List for Application Testing

Chapter Goals

This chapter will help you develop the following planning documents:

  • Prioritized list of business applications

  • Plan for testing application compatibility

  • Test tracking and reporting system