Conducting Your Windows 2000 Pilot

The pilot is the last major step before your full-scale deployment of Microsoft® Windows® 2000. Prior to the pilot, you must have completed integration testing in your lab environment. During the pilot, you test your design in a controlled real-world environment in which users perform their normal business tasks using the new features.

Well in advance of the pilot, your project manager and system designers need to plan where and how you will perform the pilot. This chapter helps you create a pilot plan, select users and sites, and determine how to set up your pilot environment.

In This Chapter

Overview of Conducting a Pilot

Creating a Pilot Plan

Preparing for the Pilot

Deploying the Pilot

Evaluating the Pilot

Planning Task List for Conducting a Pilot

Chapter Goals

This chapter will help you develop the following planning documents:

  • Pilot plan

  • Pilot rollout procedure