Building a Windows 2000 Test Lab

Before you deploy Microsoft® Windows® 2000, even in a pilot, be sure to test your proposed design in an environment that simulates and protects your production environment. You can verify your design by devising and conducting tests that reflect conditions in your target environment.

This chapter provides the test manager, as well as your deployment project teams, with general considerations for designing and running a test lab that meets the particular needs of your organization. Also, chapters throughout this book address testing issues with regard to particular Windows 2000 features.

In This Chapter

Getting Started with Your Test Environment

Determining the Lab Strategy

Designing the Lab

Building the Lab

Managing the Lab


Testing After Deployment

Planning Task Lists for Lab Testing

Chapter Goals

  • This chapter will help you develop the following planning documents:

  • Lab description

  • Lab diagram

  • Escalation plan

  • Test plan

  • Test cases