Interpreting the Cluster Log

The cluster log is a record of the Cluster service (Clussvc.exe and associated processes) activity in a server cluster member. Its completeness as a diagnostic log makes it a powerful troubleshooting tool. The cluster log, also known as the diagnostic log, is enabled by default in Windows 2000. Its output is printed to a .log file in %SystemRoot%\Cluster.

Although cluster log entries might seem opaque, they open windows to a wealth of information about your cluster's inner workings when you understand the following:

  • The parts of a cluster log entry.

  • The different types of cluster log entries and what they describe.

  • How the entries describe the detailed activity of cluster operations.

To better help you understand these things, this chapter interprets typical cluster log entries for the form and join operations.

In This Chapter

Cluster Log Basics

Cluster Form and Join Operation Entries

Failure Scenarios


State Codes

Context Numbers

For more information about the Cluster service, see the following:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Advanced Server Help.

  • Microsoft ® Windows ®  2000 Server Resource KitDeployment Planning Guide.