Operations That Occur Following Installation

The following operations are performed by the Active Directory Installation Wizard after Active Directory has been installed successfully on a computer and the computer has been restarted:

  • If a new forest is created, a command to invoke the Comma Separated Value DE (CSVDE) tool is placed in the registry. The command causes all localized display specifiers to be imported into the directory after the computer is restarted.

  • If a new domain is created (which includes a new forest) and you elected to install and configure the DNS service, DNS installation and configuration takes place.

  • The system volume objects are created in the Sysvol directory and FRS signals Net Logon that Sysvol is ready. Net Logon then shares out Sysvol and publishes the computer as a domain controller. If the computer is an additional domain controller, NtFrs must "seed" (replicate in) the system volume with files and directories from another domain controller in the domain. The domain controller is not advertised as a domain controller and Sysvol is not shared until the "seeding" is complete. SysvolSeeding is an entry in the registry that helps manage the seeding process.


Informational File Replication service messages are generated in the Services log in Event Viewer that documents events during Sysvol seeding. Use Event Viewer to view messages that are related to the creation and seeding of Sysvol.

For more information about Adminpak.msi, managing servers remotely, and NetShell, see Windows 2000 Server Help.