Resource DLL Is Missing

A support engineer trying to start the Cluster service on a Windows NT 4.0 cluster receives the message, "Could not start the Cluster Server service on [server name] Error 127: The specified procedure could not be found."

he problem is an error in loading Clusres.dll, which manages the resource in question. As a result, the support engineer is not able to create a resource to manage the service and so cannot start it:

0ab::11-18:35:52.546 [FM] arbitrate for quorum resource id


0ab::11-18:35:52.546 [FM] FmpQueryResourceInfo:initialize the resource

with the registry information

0ab::11-18:35:52.562 FmpAddPossibleNodeToList:: Warning, Node 2 not


0ab::11-18:35:52.562 FmpRmCreateResource: creating resource

e558e4a3-320d-11d2-9b64-00805fa63b1b in shared resource monitor

075::11-18:35:52.593 [RM] Error loading resource dll clusres.dll, error


075::11-18:35:52.593 [RM] Failed creating resource

e558e4a3-320d-11d2-9b64-00805fa63b1b, error 127.