The GroupOrderList subkey stores the order in which services in a service group are loaded when the system starts.

Services in a service group are assigned a tag. A tag is a numeric value that is unique within a service group. When the system loads a service group, it loads the services in the order in which their tags appear in the GroupOrderList entry for that service group.

Each entry in the GroupOrderList subkey represents a service group. The value of the entry contains the number of tags, followed by a series of tags in a specified order. All entries have the same format:

Service group name


Number of tags Tag [Tag …]

For example,




The value in this example determines the order in which the three services in the PointerPort service group are loaded. The first significant digit, 3, indicates that the value of the entry contains three tags. The remaining significant digits, 2, 1, and 3, indicate that the service assigned tag 2 will load first in that group, followed by the service assigned tag 1, and then the service assigned tag 3.

Tip Image Tip

To find the services in any service group, use Regedit.exe to open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services. On the Edit menu, click Find, type the name of the service group, and select only the Data check box. Press F3 to find other services in the service group.

To find the service group and tag number of any service, open the subkey representing the service in \CurrentControlSet\Services. Click Group to find its service group, and click Tag to find its tag number.