Managing Domains

Ordinarily a user must belong to the Enterprise Administrators group to create child domains and to promote servers as domain controllers. Often the staff member who installs the hardware and software on domain controllers is not the same person who requires high levels of administrative privilege The domain management commands allow administrators who are members of the Enterprise Administrators group to precreate cross-reference and server objects in the directory.

Table C.7 lists and describes the domain management commands used by Ntdsutil.

Table C.7 Domain Management Commands




Lists all the naming contexts that exist in the enterprise, the schema and configuration naming contexts, as well as all domain naming contexts.

Precreate %s1 %s2

Creates a cross reference object for the domain % s1 allowing a server named % s2 to be promoted as the domain controller for that domain. The domain name must be specified by using a fully distinguished name, and the server must be named by using the fully qualified DNS name.