Using Semantics Database Analysis

Unlike the file management commands described earlier, which test the integrity of the database with respect to the ESENT database semantics, the semantic analysis analyzes the data with respect to Active Directory semantics. It generates reports on the number of records present, including deleted and phantom records.



End users should not use this command except when Microsoft requests them to use it as an aid to fault diagnosis.

Table C.11 lists and describes the menu commands for semantic database analysis.

Table C.11 Semantic Database Analysis Menu Commands



Get %d

Retrieves record number %d from the Ntds.dit.


Starts the semantic analysis of the Ntds.dit. A report is generated and written to a file named Dsdit.dmp. n , in the current directory, where n is an integer incremented each time that you carry out the command.

Verbose %s

Toggles verbose mode on or off.