Selecting an Operation Target

Several Ntdsutil operations require you to identify a particular site, server, or domain by its object in the Configuration container. Instead of requiring that you enter the full distinguished names of objects, many of these operations provide a numbered list of valid selections.

The Select operation target submenu appears as a selection within several other menus in Ntdsutil and provides a way to query an existing and operating domain controller about significant objects in the Configuration container. The general model is to connect to a server and list the objects that it knows about. The objects are displayed to the console and numbered from zero onward. You select a particular object by entering its number instead of its distinguished name. Table C.3 lists and describes the select operation target commands.

Table C.3 Select Operation Target Commands




Invokes the Connections submenu.

List current selections

Lists the currently selected site, domain, and server.

List domains

Lists all domains that have a corresponding cross-reference object in the partitions container. Note that some of these domains might not exist if the last domain controller for a domain was removed without performing the demotion properly.

List domains in site

Lists the domains that have domain controllers in the currently selected site.

List roles for connected server

Lists all the operations master roles that the server to which you are connected knows about and displays the domain controllers that are the current operations master role owners. Due to replication latency, the server to which you are connected might not have an up-to-date view of the current role owners.

List servers for domain in site

Lists all the servers known for the currently selected site and domain.

List servers in site

Lists all the domain controllers known to be in the currently selected site.

List sites

Lists all the sites in the forest.

Select domain %d

Selects the domain specified by % d .

Select server %d

Selects the server specified by % d .

Select site %d

Selects the site specified by % d .