Emergency Repair Disk

If your system does not start, and neither safe mode nor the Recovery Console has helped, you can try using the Emergency Repair Disk option in Backup. If you have prepared an ERD beforehand, you can use it to repair system files (after you start the system using the Windows 2000 Setup CD or Setup floppy disks).

The ERD can make only basic system repairs, such as to the system files, the boot sector, and the startup environment. The ERD does not back up data or programs, and it is not a replacement for regular system backups.

For more information about the ERD, see "Repair, Recovery, and Restore" in this book.

If you cannot fix the problem by using one of the options described above, try removing the disk from the computer and installing it as a second disk on another computer that is running Windows 2000. You can then use Windows 2000-based utilities for troubleshooting. For more information about using disk troubleshooting utilities, see the Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools Help.



Moving disks between computers is not recommended because problems can arise if the disk controllers on the two systems are incompatible or are configured differently. However, if the two computers have the same configuration, you might be able to identify and correct the problem.