Print Server Service

Remote print jobs are intercepted by a print server service before passing to the server spooler. Different services are provided for different clients. A Microsoft® MS-DOS® client running Microsoft Client for Networks, for instance, cannot use the same service as a UNIX client.

The service determines whether the spooler alters the document and how to alter it, and assigns the corresponding data type value to the job. Alternatively, the service can omit the data type and let the print processor component of the spooler apply the default value. Each service supplied with Windows 2000 uses different logic to determine how the document prints. The print server service assigns the RAW (ready to print) data type to all print jobs from clients that are not running Windows 2000 or Windows NT. Print server services, such as Print Services for Unix and Print Server for Macintosh, can also assign the RAW data type to incoming jobs, based on information from the client about the type of printer.



This component is used only if the print client has added the printer as a local printer and redirected to a network printer. If the print client has connected to the printer, the job goes directly to the spooler.

The default print server service for Windows 2000 is Windows 2000 Server Service, or Srv.sys. The service receives jobs from print clients that use SMB redirectors. Srv.sys does not set the data type. For more information about the data types used with Windows clients, see "Print Processor" later in this chapter.

Other print server services available with Windows 2000 are listed in Table 4.1.

Table   4.1 Special Print Server Services

Name of Service



Print Services for Unix

Nearly all remote printing using the TCP/IP protocol.

Installed with Windows 2000.

Peer Web Services

Printing to the Internet from Windows 2000 Professional.

Microsoft ® Windows ®  2000 Professional Resource Kit companion CD.

Internet Information Services (IIS)

Printing to and from the Internet using Windows 2000 Server.

Installed with Windows 2000 Server.

File and Print Services for NetWare

Printing from NetWare computers using Windows 2000 Server.

Sold separately as Microsoft Services for NetWare.

Client Service for NetWare

Printing to NetWare servers from Windows 2000 Professional.

Optional component of Windows 2000 Professional.

Gateway Service for NetWare

Printing to and from NetWare print queues using Windows 2000 Server. It also provides a gateway for SMB clients to print to NetWare print queues.

Optional component of Windows 2000 Server.

Print Server for Macintosh

Printing from Macintosh clients.

Optional component of Windows 2000 Server.