Mountvol: Displays, Creates, and Deletes Volume Mount Points

Mountvol is a utility that enumerates the volumes in your system. Table 3.19 describes the operations Mountvol can perform on a volume mount point.

Table   3.19 Volume Mount Point Operations



Mountvol or Mountvol /?

Displays the name, globally unique identifier (GUID), and location of the volume.

Mountvol [drive:]path VolumeName

Creates a new volume mount point. Specify either a drive letter root directory or an existing empty NTFS directory as the source of the mount point and a volume name as the target.

Mountvol [drive:]path /D

Deletes an existing volume mount point.

Mountvol [drive:]path /L

Lists a volume name for a given volume mount point.

  • 'Path' specifies the existing NTFS directory where the mount point will reside.

  • 'VolumeName' specifies the name of the volume that is the mount point target.

  • '/D' removes the volume mount point from the specified directory.

  • '/L' Lists the mounted volume name for the specified directory.



A volume can have only one drive letter. Using Mountvol to assign a drive letter fails if the volume already has a drive letter. To avoid this problem, delete the drive letter of the volume before assigning one using Mountvol.