DirUse: Scans a Directory and Reports On Disk Space Usage

You can run DirUse to determine the actual usage of space for compressed files and folders in NTFS volumes. The syntax of the command is:

diruse [ /s | /v ] [ /q:# ] [ /m | /k | /b ] [ /a ] [ /l ] [ /d ] [ /o ] [ /c ] [ /, ] [ /* ] [ dirs ]

The important option for compressed folders and files is /c , which causes the display of compressed file or folder size instead of apparent size. For example, if your D drive is an NTFS volume, type diruse /s /m /c d: at the command prompt to get the disk space actually used (in megabytes) and the number of files in each of the folders. To see compression information for an individual file, open My Computer or Windows Explorer, select the file, and, on the File menu, select Properties .

For more information about DirUse, see the Windows   2000 Resource Kit Tools Help, or at the command prompt type:

diruse /?