TCP/IP in Windows 2000 Professional

Microsoft has adopted TCP/IP as the strategic enterprise network transport for its platforms. TCP/IP for Microsoft Windows 2000 is a high-performance, scaleable implementation of the industry-standard TCP/IP protocol. This chapter provides technical and configuration details about the Microsoft TCP/IP protocol as implemented in Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.

In This Chapter

TCP/IP Configuration Quick Guide

Overview of Windows 2000 TCP/IP

Install TCP/IP

Configure IP Address Assignment

Configure TCP/IP Name Resolution

Configure Multihoming

Configure Local IP Routing Table

Configure Internet Connection Sharing

Configure IP Security and Filtering

Configure Quality of Service

Perform TCP/IP Troubleshooting

  • For more information about installing and configuring a DHCP server, see Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource KitTCP/IP Core Networking Guide.

  • For more information about IP routing, address translation and IP packet handling, see Unicast IP Routing in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit Internetworking Guide .