Sample Answer Files for Unattended Setup

Unattended Setup in Microsoft® Windows® 2000 uses an ASCII text file that is called an answer file to supply data that would otherwise be entered interactively when you run the Setup Wizard. The answer file is specified on either a Winnt.exe or Winnt32.exe command line when the unattended setup option is used. (For information about when to use which command line, see Appendix B, "Setup Commands ," in this book.)

This appendix includes sample answer files that are appropriate for common installation configurations. You can customize the default answer file (Unattend.txt) that comes with Windows 2000 or write a new one based on the samples that are provided in this appendix.

In This Appendix:

Answer File Format

Answer File Keys and Values

Sample Answer Files

  • For more information about setup commands, see Appendix B, "Setup Commands" in this book.