Using Windows NT 4.0 Administrative Templates in the Windows 2000 Group Policy Console

On the menu bar of the Group Policy console, the Show Policies Only setting is under the View button. This is active (checked) by default. It prevents Windows NT 4.0 Administrative Templates, which are used to supply namespace for the System Policy Editor, from supplying that same namespace in the Group Policy console. This is safest, because Windows NT 4.0 registry-based policy is undesirably persistent from the Windows 2000 administrative perspective, and it is best to not use System Policy on Windows 2000 clients. However, it is possible to uncheck Show Policies Only , so that true Group Policy settings appear in blue, and System Policy settings appear in red. The next time you run the Group Policy snap-in, non-Group Policy settings are hidden again.

It is recommended that you use the Enforce Show Policies Only setting, in User Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Group Policy if you delegate Group Policy administrative tasks using custom consoles. This prevents users of the console from unchecking Show Policies Only .