RIS Services

RIS comprises individual services that have been combined to enable the remote installation of Windows 2000 Professional. The Remote Installation Setup Wizard (RISetup) configures and starts the following services:

Boot Information Negotiation Layer (BINL)    This service listens for and answers DHCP (PXE) requests. It also services Client Installation Wizard requests. BINL directs the client to the files needed to start the installation process. This service also checks Active Directory to verify credentials, determine whether a client needs service, and whether to create a new or to reset an existing computer account object on behalf of the client.

Trivial File Transfer Protocol Daemon (TFTPD)    A RIS server uses TFTP to download the initial files needed to begin the remote installation process to the client. This includes the Client Installation Wizard and all files needed to start Windows 2000 Setup. The first file downloaded to the client using TFTP is Startrom.com. Startrom is a small bootstrap program that displays the Press F12 for Network Service Boot prompt. If F12 is pressed within three seconds, the Client Installation Wizard (OSChooser) is downloaded to begin the remote installation process. When it resides on the server side, it is called the Trivial File Transfer Protocol Daemon (TFTPD), and when it resides on the client, it is called Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).

Single Instance Store (SIS)    SIS services consist of an NTFS file system filter and a service that acts on the volume on which the RIS images are kept. SIS services reduce the storage requirements needed to store these images by combining duplicate files.