RIS Components

The following are the various components that you use to install, configure, and implement RIS within your organization:

Remote Installation Services Setup (RISetup.exe)    You can install RIS at the same time or after you install Windows 2000 Server by using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel .

Remote Installation Preparation Wizard (RIPrep.exe)    RIPrep allows you to create a customized image of a Windows 2000 Professional computer. Imaging Windows 2000 Professional means creating a replica of a hard disk that you can then install on other computers in your organization. You can use this wizard to prepare an existing Windows 2000 Professional installation image and to replicate that image to an available RIS server on the network. The image can include the operating system alone or it can be a preconfigured desktop image, including the operating system and standard locally-installed desktop applications.

Client Installation Wizard (OSChooser)    OSChooser is the client-side (the part that is downloaded to the client) text-based program that communicates with the RIS server. The Client Installation Wizard is a default set of screens that the Boot Information Negotiation Layer (BINL), the server-side service, sends to the client to guide the user through the remote installation process. Users of remote boot–enabled clients use the Client Installation Wizard to log on and select from operating system installation options. You can customize the setup screens to meet the needs of your organization.