Installing RIS

You can install Remote Installation Services either on a Windows 2000 server that is already on a network or on a stand-alone server that you want to add to the network.

To install the RIS component

  1. From the Start menu, point to Settings , and then point to Control Panel .

  2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs, and then click Add/Remove Components.

  3. Check the box for Remote Installation Services .

  4. Click Next .

  5. Click Finish , and then Restart your server. After the server has restarted, complete the Configure Remote Installation Services wizard.

RISetup locates the first NTFS volume that does not contain the system volume (boot.ini file) or the boot volume (%windir%). You then define image properties such as directory name, friendly description, and Help text for the end user. None of these properties can contain any non-ASCII characters. For more information about the Client Installation Wizard variables, see "OSCML and Client Installation Wizard Variables" in this book. This process also creates the RIS directory structure and copies the files required for a CD-based "flat" installation image of Windows 2000 Professional. This process also copies the default Client Installation Wizard screens and configures and starts all of the services required for RIS (BINL, SIS filter, SIS Groveler, and TFTP).

For more information about installing and configuring RIS servers and DNS, see Windows 2000 Server Help. Windows 2000 Server Help also provides instructions for promoting a stand-alone server to a domain controller and installing and configuring the DHCP service.

For more information about the Client Installation Wizard, see "Client Installation Wizard" later in this chapter.