HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop

Data type


Default value


[ Path ] File name | (Blank value)

(There is no default value for this entry.)


Specifies the name of the file in which the bitmap for the screen background is stored. If the file is not located in the Systemroot or Systemroot \System32 directory, you must include the path.



(Blank value)

No wallpaper is selected.

[ Path ] File name

Specifies the location of the file in which the wallpaper bitmap is stored.

Change method

To change the value of this entry, double-click Display in Control Panel. Click the Background tab. Select an image from the Select a background picture or HTML document as Wallpaper group box, or click the Browse button to locate an alternate image.

Activation method

Changes made by using the Display Properties dialog box are effective immediately.


This entry can be superceded by a Group Policy included in Windows 2000. While the Active Desktop Wallpaper Group Policy is enabled, the system ignores this entry. The setting of the Active Desktop Wallpaper Group Policy is stored in the Wallpaper entry, which is in the Policies subkey.